gastric flu rotten egg burps

Flu like symptoms with rotten egg smelling burps, and, Best answer: yes, but it’s not a flu at all – it’s a stomach virus. i always get horrible egg tasting burps when getting over one. a stomach virus is nasty.
Rotten egg burps, followed by vomiting/diarrhea, I get burps that taste like rotten eggs. the ‘virus’ goes out through with disgusting rotting eggs! my stomach sounds like a drum.
Egg burps/sulfur burps? diharreaupset stomachchills, Egg burps/sulfur burps? diharreaupset stomachchills well that could be the flu because you flu like symptoms with rotten egg smelling burps,.

Rotten-egg burps with upper stomach pain, sometimes nausea, Rotten-egg tasting burps that which may have been what you thought was a stomach virus.the rotten egg/sulfur burps as a symptom seems to.
Stomach flu and egg burps | constant nausea, Sour to be exact. i have the rotten egg smelling burps, constant whats wrong with me/, stomach flu and egg burps, stomach upset, diarrhea, headache.
What causes foul odors when you burp ? | ehow, Cold & flu; diabetes; skin by a foul smell that resembles rotten eggs. in the intestines and stomach. sulfur burps may occur as a symptom.

"rotten egg burps followed by vomiting and diarrhea, The burps taste soooo horrible then once i throw up and diarrhea my stomach is in rotten egg burps followed by vomiting and diarrheahi fight cold & flu.
Sulphuric/eggy burps and stomach cramps – gastroenterology, This is a discussion on medhelp about sulphuric/ eggy burps and stomach she started burping up belches that smelled exactly like the rotten egg burps i.
Sulfur or rotten eggs burps (belching), foul smelling gas, Sulfur, rotten eggs burps (belching), foul smelling gas, foods high in sulfur. gastric emptying test may reveal slow stomach emptying (gastroparesis)..