september 2013 is there a coughing virus flu going around illinois

Is there a bug / virus going around? – cold & flu – medhelp, Is there a bug going around at the moment? i have been feeling very tired, headache every day when i cough my head hurts like mad. my shoulders and neck are aching.
Flu 2013, Flu season in australia and new zealand. the flu season is heading towards its last month in the southern hemisphere. but there are reports of delayed influenza season in.
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Cdc – seasonal influenza (flu) – weekly report: influenza summary, Seasonal influenza (flu) 2013-2014 flu season. what you should know; influenza – flu basics. key facts about seasonal flu; influenza viruses. types of influenza viruses.
Flu news | flu 2013, We are now nearing the end of february and yet there is not end on sight with the flu season. there are reports of flu activity declining but these are in the east. – flu-like virus symptoms of dry cough, fatigue last 2, A new virus with flu-like symptoms is going around, and it is making people sick for almost two weeks. it leaves you with a dry cough, sore throat and feelings of. – is there a new strain of virus going around if you, Please try this neilmed sinus rinse and mucinex. these symptons only last for 1 – 3 days if you use this product. i found out about it last year. if i feel like i’m.
The huffington post – why there are flu vaccine shortages, Flu season has hit the united states hard, with experts predicting it to be the worst in a decade. now, shortages of the vaccine are being reported..
The huffington post – flu symptoms: how to tell if you have the flu, With news spreading that this year’s flu virus may be more severe than in years past, it’s understandable to feel some anxiety. in fact, the cdc is.