how long are you contagious after having stomach bug

After having a 24 hours stomach bug, how long are you contagious, Best answer: usually with the stomach flu, you have to eat or drink after the person to get it. anyway, most of what people call the stomach bug is really.
How long are you contagious for after having a stomach bug, Best answer: you need to make sure he keeps up with good personal hygiene and keeps his hands washed after every bowel movement because the virus will.
How long are you contagious when you have a stomach bug?, A stomach bug has been sweeping through the uk, and it seems especially virulent. hospital wards have been closed to new patients because wards are full. crazy! if.

How long is a stomach bug contagious? – march 2010 birth club, How long is a stomach bug contagious?: is a stomach bug still potentially contagious once the baby is no longer throwing up or having diarrhea? dd threw up 4 times.
How long are you contagious after vomiting – the q&a wiki, Http:// "vomiting itself is not contagious and poses no risk to others. however, if the cause is an infection, the.
How long should you keep your child home from school after he has, Your child should be fever- free for at least 24 hours before sending him/her back to school. your child should have not vomited for 48 hours before you send him/her.

For how long after a 24 hour vomiting bug am i infectious to other, Don’t listen to these idiotswhat you had was some type of food poisoning (must have been bad burito, but this is not the case), what type does not.
Message boards – "so, how long do you keep your child home after, So, how long do you keep your child home after they have been sick with the stomach bug?.
How long is vomiting and diarrhea contagious for? – yahoo! uk, Hello i hope i dont sound to much of a freak but my boyfs family has just got over a tummy bug 6 days ago some last monday/tues. we went round yesterday.