Current Stomach Virus 2013

Norovirus symptoms: 2013 stomach flu bug going around | news feeds, The norovirus causes a sudden onset of symptoms. photo by: grahamcolm influenza isn’t the only virus that is making headlines in the united states this.
Norovirus most common stomach virus for kids | food poisoning bulletin, Norovirus is the leading cause of intestinal illness among children, according to a new study by researchers in texas. rotavirus had previously been in the top spot.
Sick and tired: stomach virus spreads across n.j. on heels of flu, Norovirus spreads easily and causes vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Stomach virus causes campus illness | ohio northern university, A number of students have been seen at our university health center and at area hospitals over the last two weeks. these students have experienced symptoms such as.
Norovirus symptoms: 2013 stomach flu bug highly contagious, This year’s stomach flu is making people miserable all over the world. what are the symptoms of the new strain of norovirus that’s going around?.
On top of current flu epidemic, ‘winter vomiting virus’ has hit, A new strain of the extremely unpleasant — though usually non-lethal — stomach bug known as the “norovirus” has led to more than 140 outbreaks since september.

2013 flu vs. rotavirus, norovirus: stomach flu and influenza, The 2012/2013 flu season is hitting the u.s. hard – and the rotavirus and norovirus, also known as the ‘stomach flu’ are in full force this year as well..
Stomach virus strain that sickened many here first detected in, A nasty, fast-moving stomach virus that swept through the milwaukee area the last few months of 2012 was a strain new to the u.s., first detected in australia only a.
Gastroenteritis – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Gastroenteritis is a medical condition characterized by inflammation ("-itis") of the gastrointestinal tract that involves both the stomach ("gastro" -) and the small.